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For the Legal Field 

We offer certified court interpreters, with many years of experience in the legal field. Our team of professionals is able to assist the communication between the parties involved at hearings, depositions, recorded statements, affidavits, immigration appointments, interviews, or any other legal manner. We offer quality services at very competitive rates.

Medical Field

Because we understand how important it is for patients to know what is going on at their appointments, we have a professional team of medically certified interpreters/translators ready to aid in the communication process. Your patient will feel comfortable at all times and rest free knowing that everything the medical provider says will be understood. 


Whether you are an event planner or a company that does business with clients worldwide, we have qualified interpreters/translators to help you send your message across your audience. Our team of simultaneous interpreters will be able to help your conference, video conference/conference call, group meeting, sales presentation or group interview move forward without having to stop and wait for the translation. Everything is done on real time as the speaker conveys the message.


For those fields that require specialized language, our dedicated team of technical interpreters and translators will provide the most accurate service, so your message will be conveyed the way it should be. Our specialized team has background in engineering, accounting, law, patents, geology, mining, gas/oil, chemistry, physics, among other fields where the terminology used represents a language itself.

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Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Diplomas, School Transcripts, personal documents, literature. We match our competitor’s Prices!!!


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